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Updated: Feb 3

When I turned 20. I realized this is not at all what I want from my life. And I said to myself "That's normal no one is fully satisfied with their life" and went on. But later that night I again had a list of complaints about myself. 'Even if everyone is not satisfied with their life doesn't mean I should stop getting better myself. That left me wondering only if we could change everything we don’t like. We never had enough courage to challenge everything we have learned till today.

So, I came up with a cycle. A cycle of actions that allows me to ensure that every single aspect of my life is going as I want. I know we don't have control over what life throws at us. But we have to control a lot of aspects of it. I like the spontaneousness of living in the moment. But I also like to make sure that as many of the incidents are in my favor as possible. So here goes,


We can't work on the project without knowing what we are working on, hence, the first step is awareness. All we have to do is observe our patterns and make a list of things that we are unsatisfied with. Make sure you are grateful for everything that is going in your favor in the process. Gratitude ensures that we stay positive even while collecting complaints against ourselves.

You can make a list of things you are satisfied with. Your list must have everything. You can organize it by giving some subheadings like - family, friends, fitness, health, work, education.

You can use applications to observe some aspects of your life - your daily phone usage, step counter, and calorie intake for better insights.

Or you can also use some habit trackers. We tend to not track our habits mainly because we are dissatisfied with ourselves. We don't follow our own rules, terms, and conditions seriously. But we all must know the reason to track our habits is to be mindful and aware of ourselves, not the other way around.

Make sure you are not getting it all wrong. Awareness is not meditating for 15 minutes every day. Although I agree it has its fits. Awareness is just being. Be right there where you are. Notice every detail-the smell, touch, sound, and view.


Here you observe what you can work on. There must be many projects that require your attention daily like health and fitness, self-hygiene, morning routine, or establishing a bedtime routine. Whereas many of your projects might require your attention weekly, monthly or yearly.

So, in this step, you must analyze how you can work on which category.

In the list, you've already made in the first step mark those that require your daily attention and circle those who need it weekly. This is where your work on yourself which I like to call self-betterment begins. Always remember it is never too late to work on yourself.

Brainstorm solution

This is where you come up with as many solutions as possible. It is not necessary to make a list of every possible solution because we all know we can only work on one at a time. But make sure you have a basic idea of every alternate solution.

The whole purpose behind multiple solutions is that we don't get stuck at any point. That is the worst of all. I believe that we all must be like running water. Always going towards our next goal. Never get stuck at any point. As stagnant water gets Algal growth. So does our brain and life if stuck at all at one point.

Trial and error

Now comes the application. I like to call it trial and error as I am a budding scientist. In the practical field of science, we do this trial and error on a daidailyhappen to love this strategy that keeps me going in almost every aspect of life.

This is another method that helps me ensure that I am not stuck at any point. Many people get stuck at this stage. And I know it sounds kinda simple but I never said it would be easy Even I had to start over many times. And even today I am just a work in progress. And I believe we all must be a work in progress almost every time.

When you genuinely thrive for a letter version of yourself you get to do everything. That is enough motivation in itself.

If you get deviated at this point you can always tell yourself that you never really wanted a better lifestyle. Like you have been doing so by now. But if you succeed I assure you-you are going to love it.

Not everyone can say that they have 100% control over their life. No addiction or habit could stop you.

Take breaks

We all tend to leave ato leavefteleave after in it a couple of times. And it's okay to take a break from everything. It doesn't matter what others say. It's also a kind of self-love when you take a break to regenerate.

It doesn't have to be anything fancy. But having a few days unplanned and just social media limitlessly would do the trick too. But don't get hung up on the unproductive routine.

It is okay to have some counter-productive days; they tend to boost your productivity even more. I have tested this theory on my own. But when you relish in the goodness of just mindlessly watching series. You lose a lot more than just your time.

And that would be all.

I hope you have learned something from it.

Thank you for reading till the end.

Stay Productive. Stay Happy

Simran Bloom Rovers

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